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 Les aventures de Didi

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MessageSujet: Les aventures de Didi   Les aventures de Didi EmptyLun 7 Juin - 1:44

You are Didi, a witch living on the edge of the medieval kingdom of Larion. You have a wand and a pet alligator named Lizi. As you sit in your swamp hut mixing a magical potion, you hear a knock at the door. You open it and see a shivering boy outside.
You are about to close the door, but then you stop and think…a shivering boy might just be the perfect ingredient for your potion. You invite him in.

> You say "Hi! What are you doing there?"
"I'm freezing," says the boy.
"So am I. I'm making a potion that gets you warm by drinking it. Would you like to try some?"

> You take the potion, put it in a glass, and give it to the boy. You say : "Here you are! What's your name? Mine's Didi!"
"Jack," says the boy, as he takes a sip of the potion.
"Hey, Jack! Did you like it? I made it!"
"It's great! Thanks, Didi!"

> You say "Are ya still cold?"
"A little," says Jack.

> You say "Drink more!!"
"OK," says Jack, as he takes another sip.
"Hey, did you know that my alligator, Lizi, is a wizard? She's really smart! She can open any cabinet or container."

> You ask Lizi to come here.
"Lizi, come here," you say. You hear a growl from the bag.

> You say "You can sleep later, come here!"
After a few minutes, Lizi appears from the bag.
"See? Told you she can do it," you say to Jack.
"I don't believe it! She's real!" says Jack.

> You say "Of course she is, silly! She's a real alligator! A magic alligator!"
"Yeah," says Jack. "Anyway, I should be getting home soon..."
Suddenly, a huge explosion echos throughout the swamp.

> You say "What was that?"
"I think it was a dragon," says Jack. "Dragons burn everything they find, so..."
Suddenly, a second, even louder explosion is heard. Then a third. Then a fourth.

> You look at the windows to see what's happening.
You look out your window to see a red dragon flying through the sky. He's a long way off, but he's not alone...
A cavalcade of red dragon soldiers flies in formation behind him.
"It's the king! He's come to make war on us!!" says Jack.
You have to do something!

> You say "War on who?"
"The king...I mean the Count. We're at war, Didi. We have to defend the village!"

> You say "Your village? We're just in the swamp now, no village here!"
"I mean...never mind. Look, didi, I'll explain everything to you later, but right now I have to go save my village!"
"Wait a minute! I'm coming with you!

> You take Lizi under your arm and follow Jack.
You sneak through the trees, and manage to get to the edge of the village. You see the king's men setting the houses on fire.
"What are you doing?" you ask one of the guards.
"We're burning down the village of course! This is the king's orders!"
"But the people are still inside!"
"They can burn too!

> You say "That's not nice!"
"You can't burn down the houses just because some people are in them!

> You say "Stop doing that now!"
"Or what?" says the guard, taking out his sword.
"I'll tell the king!"
"Better be good if you want to save your friends," he says, unsheathing his sword.

> You put Lizi on the ground and order her to bite the soldier toes.
She does so, sinking her teeth into his foot. He lets out a yell, dropping his sword.
"Ahh! Witch! Get her!"
You run for the trees while the guards give chase.

> You run while yelling to the guards : "You can't catch me! Nya nya nya!!"
As you run, you sing the song, but then get distracted when you find yourself in a dead end.

> You take out your magic wand.
You wave the wand, and move the trees out of the way.
You keep running until you hear a yell behind you.
"Hah! Got you, sissy!"
You turn, and run into the trees. The guards come out from the other side.
"Give up, Didi! You can't beat us!"

> You say : "That's what you say!" and use your magic wand to make something appear...

You wave the wand, and out of the trees steps a giant pig!
The guards don't see it, because they run straight into the tree it's hiding in.

> You order to the pig to stomp on the guards.
It does so, squishing two guards flat and making the rest scream.
You run away with the pig following closely behind you.
"Which way do we go, Didi?"
You point to the village.

> You say "We're going here! The king ordered to destroy the village, and we must look at this! Also, Jack and Lizi must have reached the village by now!"
"Yeah, but the king's men could still be looking for us," says the pig.
You stop, and stand next to a tree.
"Lizzy! Jack! You there?" you yell into it.

> You say "Let's wait for their response!"
"But the king's men could still come!" says the pig.
You wait for about ten minutes, but no one answers. You shrug, and both of you walk into the village.

> You enter the village.
There's a giant wall surrounding the village, but it isn't intact. You see a gap just wide enough for you to get in.

> You look into the gap.
You walk into the village, staying close to the wall. You see no people, just a lot of trash and... Something sitting down on the ground.
"What on earth?" you say.
"I've never seen something so cute in my whole entire life!" says the object, getting up and running towards you.
It's a... A small poodle.

> You say "Oh hi cute poodle!"
"You can speak?" asks the poodle.
"Yeah, what's your name?"
"I am Fluffy. My whole family was killed by the king's men."
"Why were they killed?"
"Because they protested the war. Because the king took their farms and houses. Because now he's taking their lives!

> You say "That king's mean. We should do something about this!"
"What can one little poodle do?" says a man, walking out of the house.

> You say "I am not a poodle, I'm Didi the witch! The poodle is Fluffy! And who are you??"
The man looks at you and his eyes go wide.
"You're Didi the witch! I heard about you! But I thought you were a... Human!" he says, before spitting on the ground.

> You say "What do you think I am?"
"I think... You're a monster!" says the man.
"I am not a monster!" you say, getting angry.
"You're a monster! A ghoul is what... What are you?"

> You say "I am a witch!"
He backs away, and puts up his hands.
"You're a monster!" he says.
"I am not a monster! I am a witch!" you repeat.

> You say "And I'll kick the king's ass because he is mean to the villagers!"
"You... You don't want to mess with me!"
"I want to kick the king's as soooooo!" you say, getting louder and louder.
"Fine! I won't mess with you!"

> You say "But first I need to find Lizi! Maybe Jack, if he's still alive!"
"Fine, but go back to the wall."
You turn around, and walk slowly. You look at the houses, staying low. Eventually, you find one that looks different from the rest.

> You knock at the door.
You knock at the door, and a voice calls out.
"Who's there?"
"I..." you start to say, before you're interrupted.
"It's not what you think! I'm..."

> You say "You are?"
"I'm a hunter. I'm here to kill werewolves!"
"Really? I'm a... Well, not a werewolf, but a witch!"
"What? I'm a hunter! I'm here to kill werewolves!"
"Look, I'm a witch," you reply.
There's silence for a while, before the man replies.
"You're a monster.

> You say "No I'm not."
"Yes you are!" he says.
"I am not!" you reply, getting angry.
"Ah, you're one of those witches! They're evil!"
"I'm not evil!

> You say "Okay maybe a little... But right now I'm not!"
There's more silence, before he continues.
"I'd watch it. If you're here to kill us, you're going to find someone who doesn't think much of you."

> You say "Nah I'm not here to kill you, I'm looking for Lizi! Did you see an alligator?"
"I'm looking for my alligator, and it might have escaped this area. Did you see it?"
There's silence for a while.
"I think I might have,"

> You say "Where is she?"
"Where is she?"
"What are you going to do?"
"What do you mean?"
"What are you planning, witch?

> You say "Finding my alligator, maybe Jack, and then find the kind, and kick his ass!"
"Kick his... You're planning on challenging the king?"
"You're really going to do it? Be careful, he's a very powerful vampire.

> You say "Why is he a vampire?"
"Because the king is a vampire! He sucks the life force of his citizens, and turns them into vampires too!"
"What? But he's not doing that to any of us."
"Yeah he is!"

> You say "Yeah okay, maybe he sucks the life from people, but I'm sure he's stupid, and I'll be kicking his ass!"
"You sure you're going to win?"
"Oh yeah!"
The hunter seems convinced.
"Well, good luck witch,"
"Thanks, you too,"

> You go outside and search for Lizi.
After about an hour, you start to get worried. Where could she have gone? Maybe she got scared and ran away.

> You turn to the giant pig, and use your magic wand to make wings appear on him.
There's the pig. You wave your wand, and giant wings appear on the pig.

> You say "Come on Fluffy, let's get on him and fly up there to see if Lizi is somewhere!"
You run over to Fluffy, patting him on the side. You hop on, and the pig moves away happily.
You fly up into the air, and look around.
You spot Lizi in the swamp where your house is, with Jack beeing with her. But, there's a strange man there too. You fly over, seeing what's going on.
"Ah, hi there!" the strange man says. He seems friendly enough, with a cowboy hat on and all, but he also seems a little creepy. He looks at you, and you keep a close eye on him.
"Who are you?" you ask.
"Just a simple wanderer," he replies. "Nothing more, and nothing less."
"You're not going to try anything are you?

> You make the pig lands, and look at Jack and Lizi. You say : "There you are! I was searching for you in the village! Who's that guy with the hat?"
You make sure the pig lands, and turn to face the three of them.
"Who is that guy with the hat?" you say.
"Oh, that's Devilfish. He's like... A friend."

> You say "What is he doing here?"
"Lizi wanted some help from him, so he came along."
"Why would she want your help?"
"Well, I'm a wizard. I have spells that can control the mind."
You stop flailing, and stare blankly at the man.
"I thought so. That hat...," you say.
"What do you mean?"

> You say "It just look as bad as mine! I'm a witch, nice to meet you! How do you understand Lizi thought? She's an alligator."
"Oh," the man says, patting the side of his head. "yeah, yeah, yeah, got it."
"What do you mean, 'oh'?!"

> You say "Don't act surprised, you're a wizard you!"
"I'm not surprised. I mean, I've met a few in my day."
"A few?!"
"Yeah, alright enough of this. Who are you?

> You say "I'm Didi the tiny witch!"
You are immediately struck by lightning.
"Hmm, I'm afraid you're wrong Didi. I'm the Great Devil Fish."
"Great... Devil... Fish?" you say, slowly.

> You say "Okay mister octopus, but what does it have to do with me beeing wrong about who I am?"
"Everything!" he says, angrily.
"Well, out with it then!"
"You're not a tiny witch."
"How do you figure?

> You say "I'm a witch, and I'm tiny! How am I not a tiny witch?"
"I'm a wizard. I have years of study, knowledge and magic under my belt. You on the other hand seem to just be some wannabe witch with a magic wand."
"That's not true!"

> You use your magic wand to grow spider legs on Fluffy. "See? I can do things!" you say.
The man bursts out laughing.
"Well, if you can do things, why didn't you turn me into a fly?" he asks, "or a grasshopper for that matter.

> You say : "Okay then!" and turn Devilfish into a grasshopper.
You turn Devilfish into a grasshopper, and he hops away in annoyance.
"Ha ha!

> You say "See, I can turn you like I want to! Now, do you trust in my powers?"
"Fine. Turn me back, then."

> You turn Devilfish back to his normal form.
Devilfish turns back to his normal form, though he's a bit disgruntled.
"Now that I'm back to normal, we can talk," you begin.
"It's about time you listened to reason,"

> You say "But let's speak in my house, shall we?"
You lead Devilfish into your house. Lizi, Jack, Fluffy and the giant pig follow you.
"It's not going to take long, I assure you,"
"I'm listening."
"I need some magic items to make an airship.

> You say "Then, I will be flying to the king's home, and kick his ass!"
"Or you could destroy my city!"
"Don't be ridiculous. That would be genocide."
"So you need an airship?"
"If you had said something simple to begin with, maybe.

> You say "But we need to reunite ingredients!"
"What for?"
"To make an airship!"
"No! I don't want to be mixed up in your war with the king! I want to be left alone!

> You say "Then what are you doing IN MY SWAMP??"
"You've been nice. We're visiting. That's all. Now, can we go?"
You lead Devilfish outside of your house.

> You say : "AND DON'T COME BACK!" before closing the door behind him.
"Great, another stalker," you say, walking back inside.
"Lucky us," Fluffy says.

> You take out a plan, telling what ingredient you need to create a magic airship.
You grab a piece of paper and start drawing a ship.
"How hard is it to build one of those?" you wonder.
"Easy. I can do it," Fluffy says confidently.
"We don't have all the parts..."
Fluffy just smiles.
"The engine part is easy. We just need the propeller and some fuel. We can find that in the mines."
Jack nods in agreement.
"What else do we need? You said we have the parts, so it's just a matter of putting it altogether," he says.
You begin to plan the airship, listing what you need to find in the mines.

> You finish the list.
Finally finished, you spread the paper out across the table.
"So, we need rubber from the jungles, four metal bars from the mines, and touchwood from the swamps."
"That's it?"

> You say "Yeah! Now, let's go in the mines!"
You close the door, and begin leading everyone out of the house. You head down the path, and quickly come to a fork in the path.
"Where to, boss?" Jack asks.
"You know the map I drew for you?" you ask.
"Yeah? So?"
"Well, it's actually a map of the mines. I thought we'd be able to go a lot faster if we followed it carefully, and didn't get turned around."
"Oh. Okay then," Jack says.
You begin following the map, going down one passage tunnel after another. After a while, a massive rat blocks your path.
"Hey! Hold on!" it growls. "You can't go down here!"
"Shut up, Barlow!" you hiss.
"No, guys, listen," the rat says back. "You can't go down here!

> You say "Why not?"
"Because there's a massive manticore guarding the...Hey, what are you doing?"
You grab the rat and throw it down the tunnel.
"Guys! Help!" it screams.

> You say "I'll take care of the manticore, let's go!"
You run down the tunnel, and around the corner. The manticore stands in front of you, blocking your path forward. It lowers its head and charges at you.
"Wow, that's big,"

> You take your magic wand and transform the manticore's legs into biscuit.
You raise your wand and cast a spell on the manticore's front legs, which transform them into biscuit. The manticore is unable to move in this state.

> You say "Jack! Let's get the metal bar!"
You jog down the tunnel with Jack, who is armed with a metal bar. You hear a rumbling.
"Get ready!" you say.
Suddenly, a massive manticore leaps down the tunnel after you.

> You use your magic wand to turn the legs of this one into cute cats.
You cast another spell, turning the manticore's front legs into cats. However, this has the effect of sending the manticore into a fit of puking.

> You say "Oh come on! Don't you like cute cats?"
"I...I can't...He's..."
"Yeah, I know. He's sick. Here, take this."
You hand Jack your magic wand, who takes it.
"What are you doing?"

> You take out a medicament out of your pocket, and shove it in the manticore throat to heal it.
You shove a vial of medicine down the manticore's throat, and he begins to get better.
"Thanks," he says, standing up.

> You turn back his legs into their normal form. "We need four metal bars." you say. "Can you get them for us?"
"Yeah. I can get them in the mines, but there's a small thingy you need to know."
"What's that?"
"The small thingy is a creature called a minotaur.

> You say "He's guarding the metal bars?"
"No, he's minotaur. He's the guardian of the mine. He'll probably either try to kill you or steal all your weapons."
"Let's kill it!

> You run in the mines, searching for the minotaur.
You run along the mineshaft, weapon drawn. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and you hear an 'urk!' sound. You turn around, to see a large figure blocking the tunnels.

> You say "Are you the minotaur?"
"No. I'm a simple servant to him. Go back to the entrance."
"Why do I not believe you?"
"Because I am not an idiot."

> You say "I don't care! Jack, Fluffy, let's steal the metal bars!"
You run back up to the surface, where you join your friends.
"So...we ready to fight?" you ask.
"I'm not fighting some minotaur without proper weapons," Jack says.

> You give him a leaf, then turn it into a sword.
You hand Jack a leaf, and turn it into a sword for him.
"Thanks," says Jack. "It's not as good as a proper sword, but it'll have to do."

> You find the minotaur.
You run back down into the mineshaft, and follow the creature.
"Are you following me?" the creature asks.
"I am. I was wondering if you could give me a hand.

> You say "I need four metal bars!"
"Yeah, sure. I can get you four metal bars. What are you going to do with them?"
"Make an airship."
"You're going to make an airship?"
"Cool. Mind if I come?"
"Not at all."
"Let's go."

> You take the metal bars and go back to where Jack, Fluffy, Lizi and the pig are, with the minotaur behind you. "I have the bars, let's go in the jungle now to find the rubber!" you say.
You enter the jungle, and begin looking for the various plants that can create rubber.
"How are you finding the plants?" the minotaur asks. "It's not as if you're an expert in this field."

> You say "Let's take everything then!"
You begin taking various plants, stuffing them in your bag.
"Hey!" the minotaur says angrily. "That's my wife!"

> You say "Your wife if a plant?"
"No, she's a willful, violent and beautiful woman."
You turn around, to see a tall, ghostly female creature. She has long black hair and wears a robe.

> You say "Oh, hi!"
"Hi," the creature says, staring at you.
"Are you my wife?" the minotaur asks.
"No, she's a ghost."
"Ghosts don't marry people,"

> You say "Why not?"
"Because they're ghosts."
"Oh. But you're beautiful."
The ghost laughs, and floats towards the minotaur.
"No, I'm not your wife."
"Yes you are! I saw you!" the minotaur says. "You came out of my wife's mouth! You're not real!"
"I'm very real," she says, floating closer to him. "Isn't that right, husband?"
The minotaur looks terrified and backs away from her.

> You say "Hey! Let him alone!"
"Leave him alone!" you shout. "You're not his wife!"
"He tricked me!" the minotaur cries, as the ghostly creature continues to float towards him.

> You turn the ghost into a frog.
You grab the ghost, and with a flick of your wrist turn her into a large frog.
"Hey!" the minotaur cries. "That was my wife!"
The ghost disappears, leaving the minotaur alone.

> You say "No, she was an evil creature!"
"Why did you turn her into a frog?" the minotaur asks. "That was my wife."

> You say "Then find her again!"
"I can't," he cries. "She's a ghost. They're hard to find."
"I'll help you!"
"No! You'll just make it harder for me."

> You say "Okay...."
You offer the minotaur your hand. He looks terrified, but grasps your hand tightly.

> You say "She wasn't your wife! Come on, go into the world, you'll find a better wife!"
The minotaur looks at you, and begins to cry.
"This isn't fair," he cries. "My wife doesn't love me, why should ghosts?"

> You say "No! Go find someone alive that will love you! Everyone should be loved, so do you!"
The minotaur looks up at you, and begins to smile.
"You think my wife will come back?" he asks.
"I'm sure she will," you say.
"I have an idea," the minotaur says. "If I find a girl that I want to marry, and bring her back, will you help me get revenge on the tribes?"

> You say "Sure...?"
"I want you to go into the village, and steal the most beautiful girl you can find. The villagers there are idiots, so they have a bunch of ugly women mixed in with a few beautiful ones.

> You say "I have another idea! You can do it yourself!"
"I can't!" he cries. "You're my only hope."
The minotaur runs away.
"I have to find a wife, and steal a girl for the tribes," he says.

> You shrugh, then say to Jack and Fluffy : "Let's go back in my swamp"
You walk into the swamp, Hugging both of your friends.
"HEY!!" two male voices cry.
You turn around, and are faced with two young barbarian types.

> You say "Who are you?"
"We are the twin gorgons," one says. "You will become our slaves."
"What do you want?"
"We want your immortal souls," the other twin gorgon says.

> You say "No you don't!"
You laugh, as the gorgons are not amused.
"Slaves!" one of them grunts.
The twins leap forward, attempting to grab your soul with their hands.

> You use your magic wand to turn then into harmless rabbits.
You wave your magic wand, and the two gorgons are turned into rabbits.
"Rabbit!" you announce.
"Why did you do that to them?" Fluffy asks.
"Just playing around,"

> You order Lizi to eat the rabbits.
You point at the rabbits, and your alligator snaps them up in his mouth and swallows.
You find the last ingredient you needed for the airship, and you all get back to your house. You have to work on it at night, so you all get to work.
In the morning, you finish building it.
"It's done," you say. "What do you think?"
"Looks pretty good," Fluffy says. "I think we should test fly it."

> You hop on the airship.
You walk onto the airship, and get into the captain's seat. You strap yourself in, before giving the signal.
"Let's fly!" Fluffy says.

> You get the airship to fly.
The airship lifts off the ground, and quickly starts to fly.
"I did it! I made an airship fly!" you say.
"Yay!" Fluffy says.

> You say "Now let's find the king castle!"
You quickly strap yourself into the driving seat, as Fluffy gets into the co-pilot seat. You fly for about half an hour, until you see a large, impenetrable castle in the distance.

> You say "Here it is!"
"This is the king's castle," Fluffy says. "We can't get in."

> You say "Let's try!"
"We need a new plan," you say, looking at Fluffy.
"I have an idea," Fluffy says. "It's a secret for now, but there's a weakness in the king's security."

> You say "What is it?"
"The king has an underground lair," Fluffy says. "We could make a tunnel to it."

> You say "Okay, let's land the airship and go make the tunnel!"
You land the airship on a tree, as you and Fluffy both get out.

> You give a shovel to Jack.
You give Jack a shovel, as you decide how to make the tunnel.
"I'm going to go dig," you say.
"I'll go help," Fluffy says.

> You use your magic to dig.
You begin digging, as your magic allows you to dig through dirt with ease. Within an hour, the tunnel is done, and you're able to walk through it.

> You and your friend walk through the tunnel to the underground lair.
You walk through the tunnel until you reach the underground lair. You step out of the tunnel, and into the dungeon.
"I made it!" you say gleefully.
You're standing in a dungeon.

> You say "Now, let's find the king!"
You're standing in a dungeon. It's dark, and you can hear screams from further in.
"It looks like there's a prisoner being held here," Fluffy says.

> You search for the prisoner.
You walk through the dungeon, trying to find a victim to rescue. It's dark, so it's hard to see anything through the chains that restrain them. You soon hear a whimpering sound from further in.

> You say "Is there anyone heeere?"
"Help!" a small voice says. "Please help me!"

> You say "Who are you?"
"I'm Jane. I'm only eight years old."
"What's going on here?"
"The king's men have taken me hostage to force you to do what he wants," Jane says.

> You use your magic the open the cell door. "Now you're free!" you say.
"Thank you so much," she says.
"My name's Didi," you say.
"I'm glad you came along when you did," Jane says. "I owe you my life.

> You say "Now quit this place! I'll find the king!"
You run through the dungeon, and up the stairs. You reach the door leading into the throne room. You rap your knuckles against the door.
"Hello?" you say.
No one answers.

> You open the door.
You walk into the throne room. No one's there. You grab the handle of the steward's door and open it.
"Hello?" you say.
No one's there either.

> You say "Where's the king?"
You run back into the dungeon, and up to the next door. You open it and stare at the empty room.

> You say "HELLOOOOO??"
You run back up to the previous room. Now that you think about it, there is no one in the dungeon, the guard room, or the lowest floor of the palace.
"Someone's got me locked in!"

> You search for the exit.
You search for the door. You find it after a while, and open it. A gust of wind smashes you in the face, and you fall onto the ground.

> You get up.
You stand up and look at the door. Now that you're not in the wind, you can hear soft footsteps from behind it. The door opens, and there stands a young girl. She's around your age, but she's a little shorter than you, and has a cute face. You'd say she's pretty, but she's wearing a grim expression.
"What are you doing in here?" she asks.

> You say "I'm searching for the king!"
"The king's in his study," she says. "Go round the back, and you should be able to get in there."

> You say : "Okay, thanks!" and go in the king's study.
You walk through the garden, and to the king's study. You open the door, and there stands the king. He looks up, and stares at you.
"So, you decided to come after all,"

> You say "Yes! I'm here to kick your ass!"
The king stares at you.
"I see," he says. "Well, do your worst."
You raise your hand, and cast a lightning bolt at the king. He catches the bolt with his hand.
You cast firebolts at him, but he just catches them and gives them back to you.
"Why'd you come?" he asks.

> You say "To kick your ass!"
He smiles.
"I'm intrigued," he says. "Why'd you really come?"
You think carefully. There's no way the king can't see through your lie.

> You say "Okay I lied. I'm here to slap your butt!"
"Too bad you can't, little one."
You cast a chain lightning spell at him, but he catches it with one hand.
"Now this won't take me long,"

> You say "What's your name?"
"You don't need to know that."
You cast a flash of light in his face. He covers his eyes for a moment, and then takes a moment to blink.
"Fine," he says. "I shall tell you. My name is Raze."
"Raze, eh?" you ask. "Well, nice to meet you, Raze."
"You can call me that,"

> You say "Your guard told me weird things about you."
"I see," he says. "Well, let's hear it then."
"He said you he has an unnatural obsession over blood, and talking about it. He also has a habit of... watching little girls,"

> You say "Also, you're mean! You're attacking random villager without reason!"
"You saw that?" he asks. "I have no idea what you're talking about.

> You say "Of course I have!"
"Hm, I see,"
He draws his sword, and stares at you. He doesn't raise it over his head or anything, but you know he's getting ready to strike.

> You use your magic wand to turn the sword into a fish.
You wave your wand, and the king's sword becomes a fish. The king throws it back at him.
"I see," he says. "It'd seem that my guards aren't telling me everything."

> You create a big whip to attack the king with it.
You create a big, pink whip with a flick of your wrist. You fling it at the king, and he catches it.
"Ha!" he laughs.

> You turn the whip into a snake, who bites the king.
You change the snake into a giant, black serpent, who bites the king's arm. He screams, and draws a dagger from his belt, stabling at you.
"You little fool!" he screams.

> You smile, then turn his dagger into a tiny dog.
You change the dagger into a little dog, who runs towards him and bites his shoe. The king screams.

> You say "I heard someone calling you a vampire, is that true?"
He pauses.
"Yes," he says. "I'm a vampire."

> You say "You're really bad for a vampire then!"
"I suppose I am," he says. "Ha, if I was good for a vampire I'd be the best one there ever was. Anyway, you're just a kid. You wouldn't understand. But if you really want to know, yes I hunt little girls and sucks their blood.

> You say "That's mean!"
"It's a reality of sorts," he says. "Is there something else you wanted to ask me, kid?"
You think of a question, but decide against it.
"No, I guess not."

> You say "I'm just going to kick your ass!"
"Well, I don't normally let kids do that," he says, stepping back. "But since you're so eager, go ahead."
You run ahead, and he strikes.

> You use your magic wand to stop him.
You wave your magic wand, and a powerful force pushes him back, causing him to stumble.
"Is that what you've done with your entire life?" he asks, getting up.

> You say "Kicking asses of people that are mean? Yes I do!"
"You have a nice wand, kid," he says, grabbing it.

> You turn his hand into a flower.
You turn his hand into a flower.

> You say : "You really thought you can take it? Dummy!"
"Why you little--ah, you stole my line!" he says, smiling. "Alright, you got me, but you don't know the half of it."
The king grows in size, and soon reaches skyscraper height.
"Do you know what my name means, kid?"
"You're a big mean monster that's going to destroy little girls?" you suggest.

> You use your magic wand to turn him the size of a tiny dog.
You wave your wand, and the king is the size of a tiny dog.
"I'm a big monster that's going to destroy little dogs," he says, turning to flop on the ground.

> You pat him on the head. "Good boy." you say.
"You're no fun," he says, smiling. "Anyway, my name means 'The malignant force that can only grow in darkness.' I like to think it's an accurate summary of my personality.

> You say "So if we're in the light you're bad? That sounds dumb."
He laughs.
"No, it means I'm a good guy," he says.

> You say "A good guy who kill people?"
"There are some things you just have to do," he says.

> You say "Then I'll be good too, when I'll kill you!"
He laughs.
"Alright, little dog, you'd better do your best, because if you're lying then I'm going to tear you apart!"
A portal is opening, and a bunch of monsters come out.

> You use your wand to close the portal, and turn the monsters into flowers.
You close the portal with your wand.
"There, are none of them are left."
He looks at you and sighs.

> You say "Admit it. I'm stronger than you."
"Oh yeah? Prove it."
You point at the portal, which is still open.
"There's a monster waiting to come out, do you want me to let him out?

> You call for the monster, and the minotaur goes out of the portal. You point at the king, and say to the minotaur : "Look! This is your new wife!"
The minotaur charges, utterly fearless, at the king. He rips the horn off the king's head, and proceeds to repeatedly bash the king in the head with it.
"Ha ha ha! Did you see that, kid? He made my horn whole again!"
Soon, the king is dead.
"We'll have to make a new king," he says.

> You say "You know what? You are the new king!"
"Well, I'm not sure if I want to be, but if I must, then I shall," he says.

> You create a crown on the minotaur head, then use a spell the revive the other king.
"Alright, king guy, you're the king," you say.
"I feel funny being called 'that' guy," he says.
Well, now you have two kings.

> You turn the previous king into a gorgeous woman. "Minotaur" you say. "This is your new wife, and she'll love you!"
The new king is a bit reluctant, but he takes the woman as his new wife.

> You use your magic wand to make them fall in love.
They soon start getting along, and have passionate, wild, and kinky love-making sessions.

> You leave the room to give them some private time...
You leave the room, and when you come back, there's a couple of weird looking kids running around
"Hey, what's going on in here?"

> You say "How did you make these kids so quickly?"
"Oh, one of the servants stumbled upon a powerful love potion in the royal vaults. We used it on ourselves, but forgot one detail: pups! We had a litter of little monsters, and they're the cutest things you've ever seen! I think they'll take after their mother.
You stare at the kids. Two of them are lizard types, one of them has a massive spiny shell that she can hide in, and the last one looks like a cross between a dragon and a moose.

> You say "They're cute!"
"I know right? I can't wait to take them out and about!"
You agree. It's time to put an end to all this, once and for all.
It's been a fun ride, but it's time to move on.

> You say good bye to the Minotaur and his wife and go find Jack, Fluffy and Lizi.
You find them in a store filled with torture devices and bloodthirsty weapons.

> You say "What are you doing in there?"
Fluffy looks at you and his eyes light up.
"Aguantando una que otro mercader!" he says.

> You say "And what does that mean...?"
"Ah, you haven't heard the local vernacular? I'm waiting in line to buy some slaves."

> You say "Why would you want a slave?"
"We're heading to the Grand Mog festival in UlarThan. We need 10 slaves to join us."

> You say "What's that festival? Is that about moogle?"
"Oh yes! UlarThan is a city of moogles. We're going to participate in their annual festival."
"That sounds like fun. What do you need slaves for? Are you planning a big slave market or something?"
"No, we're not selling them! We're taking them with us to the festival."
"Oh, okay.

> You say "Let's buy all of them then!"
"Wait, are you sure? We can't afford to take so many with us!"
"I'm sure we can."
The trio of you walk into the booth.

> You use your magic wand to create a lot of money and buy all the slaves.
You pay for the slaves, and they're all shoved into a bag.
Looks like you're off to the Grand Mog Mog festival!
You, Fluffy, Jack and Lizi arrive at UlarThan, the city of moogles. You walk along the streets, until you see a moogle in his natural habitat.
"Oh look, a moogle!" says Fluffy happily. "Can I pet it?"
"Don't you dare!" you say.
The moogle notices you and waves.
"Hello," he says in his squeaky voice. "Would you like some magic? We have magic here."

> You look at the moogle.
"What's your name?" you ask.
"Kelso," he squeaks.
"I have a magic wand." You hold it out. "Can you see it?"

> You create a donut and give it to the Moogle.
"Ah! Thank you!" he squeaks happily, eating the donut.
"We're going to the festival."
"Have fun," says the Moogle, waving as your group walks away.

> You and your friends go to the festival. You release the slaves out of your bag.
When you arrive at the festival, you set the slaves free. They run and hug and scream with joy.
"I'm home!" Ceria says happily.
"This is so great! I've never been to a place where I'm free!" says Cyrus. "I want to stay here. Can we stay?

> You say "You can do what you want now, you're free!"
"Thanks," says Cyrus, looking very happy as he feeds some dead chicken to his pet lion. "Come on, let's go meet the rest of the group."

> You and your friends go to the festival.
The Grand Mog Mog festival is like a smaller, less glorious version of the Elder's festival, but much smaller and less glorious. There's a big fountain in the center of town, and it's being fed fish every so often. There's also some big stage, with a few performers on it.

> You look at the stage.
There's a female tarot reader, a male singer and some acrobats. They're all saying their bits and then performing for an audience who is clearly too bored to do anything but give a lukewarm response.

> You raise your wand, and the audience begin to be happy about the show.
The performers are clearly grateful, and the audience claps encouragingly as they begin to perform better. Even you clap, as the singers voice is so beautiful it's a shame she sings about sad and depressing things.
As the performers finish their first act, they begin to prepare for the second.
The acrobatics are amazing. The singer is amazing. The dancer is amazing. The juggler is amazing.
Everyone loves the entertainment. Eventually, the performers bow and leave the stage, and it is now time for the final act of the festival.
The Emperor steps onto the stage, a long robe flowing out behind him. He looks at the crowd with a smile.
"Welcome to the Grand Mog Mog festival!" he says. "We have all manner of performers and artists lined up for you today. Please enjoy the festival."
The Emperor waves his hand, and the crowd goes wild with applause and cheers.
"We have some of the best entertainers in the world here today!" he says.
The masses cheer and wave their hands in the air as you all take a seat in the stands.
The show must go on.
The show goes on.
The second act ends, and the third begins. It's an Indian dance troupe. They're beautiful and talented, but they begin dancing with each other instead of performing.
The crowd goes wild with booing and hissing. The performers are clearly confused, before the Emperor gets back to his feet. He raises his hands to quieten the large crowd.
"I bid you listen!" he says. "The Mog festival does not celebrate the end of the world. It is a happy event to celebrate the coming spring!"
The crowd goes wild with applause at the news. You notice some of the performers sneaking off the stage and into the crowd, trying to find a place to hide.
"The Mog festival honors the planet, and the world needs to hear it. The planet is alive. It needs our help, but it also needs our respect. The planet is intelligent. Science and magic are not enemies. We need to work together to stop the incoming doomsday. The planet is dying, and we need to save it. We are the last generation that can do so. We must not waste this chance."
The Emperor pauses, looking out at the crowd.
"The planet needs our help," he says simply. "Will you help it?"
No one moves. The masses sit in silence, before one brave soul raises their hand. The Emperor smiles.
"Yes, young man? What is your question?"
"Uh...I have no question, my Emperor," the young man says, as everyone else laughs.
"Of course you do," the Emperor says, raising an eyebrow. "Quickly, then."
"I was just wondering...what is our plan?" the young man asks.
The crowd goes wild with cheers and applause. The Emperor laughs, throwing his hands up in defeat.
"You've asked the most important question!" he says.
The Emperor beckons the young man closer to him, looking him in the eyes.
"Our plan is to save the world," he says simply. "Period."
The crowd goes wild again, as the young man smiles and nods.

> You stand up, and ask the Emperor : "Hey! What's your name? And what's with all these "the planet is alive" thing?"
"Ah. My name is Narmer. But, as for your other questions, the planet is alive. It's a living organism."

> You say "How?"
"How what? Live? Well, considering we're all part of it, it's only logical that...," Narmer replies.
"I mean how do you how the planet itself works."
"I don't know. The planet is like a living being. It grows, Develops, Evolves and Dies. It's also...,"
The Emperor suddenly stops.

> You say "Also what?"
"Also nothing."
You sigh, as Narmer continues.
"The planet is like a being in that it grows, develops and grows again. It can do things that we cannot fath...,"

> You lean toward Fluffy : "It's seems we suddenly landed into Final Fantasy VII world." you whisper.
Fluffy nods in response.
"Indeed. See what I see..."
Suddenly you see a huge picture of the Ultima Weapon on the wall. You exclaim in surprise.

> You say "I knew it!"
"I knew what?" Narmer asks.

> You point at the picture.
Narmer looks and sees the picture, before shrugging.
"Is that supposed to mean something to me?"
"Yeah! It's the Ultima Weapon!"
"No it isn't.

> You say "Then what is it?"
"It's a picture."
"No it isn't.
"I swear it's the, Ultima Weapon!"
"No it isn't.
"It is! It's the Ultima Weapon!"
"No it isn't.
"It is!"
"I said it wasn't!" Narmer snaps. "The picture's of the Ultima Weapon.

> You say "Why is it here??"
"I have no idea.
"Well it looks impressive. Are you planning on using it?"
"Possibly. Probably."
"Do you want to use it?"
"I don't know. Probably."
"What's the point of having something if you don't use it?"

> You say "What's next? Sephiroth is going to enter the stage??"
"Yes, I believe that he's going to use the black planet to...,"
Suddenly, you hear an explosion outside followed by cheering.

> You look toward the explosion.
The crowd goes wild as a being in armor walks out onto the stage.
"That was Sephiroth! He's alive!" you say.
The Emperor nods.

> You say "I'm not surprise anymore..."
"As I thought. You're not a bad person.
The crowd goes wild as their long lost hero.
"Glad to see you've finally returned home, old friend," he says, walking forward. "I'm back because I want to finish what we started so long ago."
"That was thirty years ago, Sephiroth," the Emperor says. "Perhaps you should let it rest."
"Perhaps I should, but I won't. I've spent the last thirty years surviving, training, plotting and trying to find a way to get my revenge.

> You say "Excuse me!"
"And at last I have. I want to finish what we started, so I'll be taking over the world."
"The world? But you just returned from the surface!" the Emperor says.

> You poke Sephiroth's leg. "I'm speaking to you." you say.
"Yes, I know. I just assumed you knew who I was. I'm an infamous SOLDIER."
"No, you're more than that."
"Ah... Perhaps."

> You say "What are you doing here?"
"I want to finish what we started. I want to overthrow the Emperor and take his place."
The Emperor laughs.

> You say "If you want to kill the Emperor, you'll have to fight me!"
"I'd rather kill you, you little fool! I'm going to take what is mine and not stop until the entire world is mine!"
"Then let's finish this right here, right now!"

> You take out your magic wand.
You grip your magic wand tightly. The Emperor looks at you and sighs.
"I thought you didn't use those things, old man.You raise the wand, and aim for the hero...
... but instead you hit your pet alligator, which emerges from your robe and onto the floor.
"What are you doing?"

> You raise you magic wand again.
You try to aim for the hero, but instead hit Fluffy, who falls over.
"I'm sorry," you say, before realising that your magic is gone.
"Are you ready to die?"

> You say : "Wait a minute!" and slap your wand to make the magic come back.
The magic comes back, and you try to hit the hero, but end up hitting Fluffy again.
"That's a good dog," the hero says.

> You use your magic to make a dog appear.
You concentrate hard--and a moment later a little pink poodle appears beside you.
"No! That's not a good dog! That's not a good poodle! That's a bad poodle!" the hero says.
"It's a poodle just like me! It's my new body!" the poodle cries.
"Not good, not good! You're taking over my life!"
You swipe your wand at the poodle, hitting the hero in the head. The hero falls down into the rubble on the ground.
"Argh!" he says. "

> You say "Wait, so your weakness are poodle?"
The hero shakes his head to try and get the poodle off him, but he just Scratches and growls.
"No! You stay there!" the poodle commands.
The hero stops struggling and the poodle finishes him off.
"There! Now I'm in charge! I'm the new alpha!" the poodle says.

> You say "Did I just defeat Sephiroth with a poodle?"
"Yeah! And now I'm going to take over the world! Ha ha ha ha!" the poodle laughs.

> You say "Why?"
"Because..." the poodle says, scratching his head.
"Because... he's a poodle!"

> You decide to revive Sephiroth with your magic wand and ask him to pet the evil poodle.
You grab your magic wand.
"You stay there!" you say, pointing at the poodle.
You use your magic wand to revive the hero.
"Wha?" he says, groggily.

> You say "Go pet the poodle!"
"Huh?" the hero says.
"The poodle! Go pet the poodle!"
"Wha? What are you talking ab--Oh, right," the hero says, sighing. "Fine."
"There you go, little poodle," the hero says, holding out his hand. "Come on, let's go."
He pets the poodle, who is unimpressed and doesn't move.
"Very good," the poodle says. "Now I'm in charge."
"Done," the poodle says.
"He's so fluffy," the hero says.
"Fluffy! How can you like this?" the poodle says, mock-offended.
"The world will become a better place after I'm in charge," the hero says. "You just don't understand me. I'm the black sheep of the family, while you... You're the second coming of Christ. You really think I don't know how amazing you are?"

> You say "I have no clue on what's happening."
"See? I knew you were the one who could help me," the hero says. "You don't even know what's going on, and you're still trying to save the day.

> You say "Also why are YOU here?"
"I was bored."
"Bored?" you ask. "How can you be bored by thi--"
You are interrupted by the hero.
"How dare you!" the hero says. "You have no idea what it's like to grow up as a god in a world of mortals!"

> You say "What?"
"I was a mortal, and it sucked!" the hero says.

> You say "Oh. Also why are you called "the hero" all the time? You have a name no?"
"It's Sephiroth. Most people just call me that."
Sephiroth begins petting the poodle.
"Anyway," Sephiroth says, "I should be getting back. I have a cult to lead.

> You say "Where?"
"The Glen of the Wolf," he says.

> You say "What's that?"
"A cult. It's a small one, but we worship the beast gods."
You have no idea what the hell he's talking about. Still, it does sound slightly interesting.

> You say "Show me then!"
The hero nods, and begins to walk away.
"Come on," he says. "I'll take you there."
You don't see why not, so you follow the hero.

> You follow him.
You follow the hero from the ruins of Kalar to a small village. Your village, even though it's not as big as Kalar.
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You are Didi, a witch living on the edge of the medieval kingdom of Larion. You have a wand and a pet alligator named Lizi. As you sit in your swamp hut mixing a magical potion, you hear a knock at the door. You open it and see a man in armor. He approaches you and draws his sword.

> You say "Hi there, weapons are not allowed in my house!! Please take it outside!"
The man looks at you confused, then holsters his weapon. "A sorceress! I must... speak with you!" he says and draws a paring knife from his belt.

> You look annoyed. "No knife either!" you say.
"Okay, okay, no knives," the man says and takes a step back.

> You say "Thank you! Now, can you explain what you are doing in MY house??"
The man raises his hands. "Look, I'm sorry to just show up at your house... it's just that my home was destroyed in the war, and I had nowhere else to go..."
You frown.

> You say "Then why would you enter in my house while taking out your sword?"
The man's eyes widen. "I-I had no idea you were a witch! I would have left you be..."
You raise your hand and the man falls silent. "Speak truth," you command softly.
"The king's men... they killed everyone I loved... I wanted to kill the king... but I was too weak..." the man says in a low voice.

> You say "So?"
"I'm going to kill you! I'm sorry, but I can't let you live. You're a witch! You'll raise my wife from the dead! You're an evil, unnatural woman!"

> You say "Let me summarize : The men of the king killed your familly, you failed to kill the king, so instead you'll kill me for no reason?"
The man gulps nervously. "Erm... yes?"
"Oh, you must be the stupidest man I have ever seen...

> You say "Seriously, why would you want to kill me instead of the king?"
The man bursts out laughing. "Oh, you must be jesting! I don't want to kill YOU, I want to kill the KING!"
You roll your eyes.

> You say "Let me quote what you say right before : "I'm going to kill you! you're sorry, but you can't let you live. You're a witch! You'll raise your wife from the dead! You're an evil, unnatural woman!", so?"
The man looks at you nervously. "Are... are you going to turn me into a frog?"
You burst out laughing. "Why would I want to do that?"
"Well..." he begins, "you once turned a man into a frog, right?"
"Right," you say, calming down.
"So... I'd die if you turned me into a frog, right?"

> You say "Nah, you'll just become a frog, but you would be still alive as a frog."
The man sighs in relief.
"I'm Rick, by the way," he says. "I assume you're Didi?"
"Nice to meet you, Rick. Come on in,"

> You say "Even if you're already in... And let all your weapons outside!"
You turn around, walk to the chest and get out a new set of clothes for you.
"By the way," you say, "What do you want exactly?"
"I wanted to kill the king," he says. "I've heard that you use to be one of his servants, is this true?"
"Yes," you say.
"Then you must know the layout of the palace, right?"
You think for a moment. "Yes."
"Perfect," he says.

> You say "What do you want me to do?"
"I already know the layout of the palace, and you already want me to help you kill the king."

> You say "Why would I do that for you?"
"Because I'm offering you a chance to be free."
You look at him. "Why would I want to be free?

> You say "I'm already free!"
"You're a slave. First, to the king, then to me. You're not free."

> You say "First, I USED TO be one of the king's servant. Two, no, I'm not your slave. So I'm free!"
"You're a slave. That's why I want you to kill the king for me. Then, you'll be free.

> You say "Okay. But no thanks."
"But why not?"
"I don't want to kill the king."
"But you will be free won't you, if you kill him?"

> You say "What don't you understand in "I'm already free" ?"
"That if you kill the king, then you're not free. After I'm done with the king, then you'll be free."
You start laughing.

> You say "Then do it, kill the king! Oh, yeah, I remember now : YOU FAILED TO DO IT!"
"I... I'm not joking!" he says in irritation.
"Oh, you're really not joking," you mock.
"Look, woman, I don't have time to explain this to you," Rick says. "I need you to do me a favor."

> You say "Why?"
"Because if you don't, you won't get what I have to offer."
"What... what do you have to offer, Rick?"
"Freedom," he answers.

> You facepalm. "Why would I want freedom them?" you ask.
"Because if you don't, then you'll never be free."

> You say "Ooooh, now I understand! When you say that I will never be free, it's because you'll never leave me before I accept your offer!"
"Shut up," he says. "You need to make a decision."

> You say "You're not the one in a position of strengh here, Rick."
"I don't have time to waste with you!" Rick says angrily.

> You say "Then leave?"
"That's not what I meant"
"You wanted me to ask you to do something?"
"Listen," Rick says. "I'm not going to beg you. I'm going to give you a chance to be free, but you need to come with me now."
"Or what?"
"Or... I kill you.

> You say "Really?"
"Yeah, really."
"Come with me now."
Rick offers you his hand.

> You say "No, no, no! Listen, I'll do your thing, but first, I need something other than "beeing free"."
"What else?" Rick asks.
"I need your help."
"My help?

> You say "Yeah. I need to find an unique ingredient for a spell."
"What spell?

> You say "Secret!"
"Don't worry about it," you say.
"I don't have anything else to say to you," Rick says. "You're going to have to take a No from me. Now leave me alone, or..."
"Or what?"
"Or..." Rick takes a deep breath, and sighs. "I'm going to have to kill you."
"Ha ha!" you laugh. "You can't kill me."
"It's not a joke," he says. "I'm going to have to kill you."
You raise your hands up, and Rick draws his sword. The sword shines, and a red glow emanates from the tip.
Then, it's over in an instance.

> You take your magic wand and turn Rick into a frog. "Like, seriously, what did you expect, Rick?" you say.
Rick looks at you, shocked.
"You can't kill me," Rick says.
"I didn't say I was going to kill you," you reply.
"But I don't have my sword anymore,"

> You say "Yeah, that was the purpose, I wanted you to calm down."
"You don't want to kill me?"
"No," you reply. "Why would I?"
"Then why...?"
"Because I'm not your enemy?"
Rick laughs, and then stops. "You're not?"

> You say "I'm not. Could you please stop your questionning so we can talk?"

> You say "Great! Now let me resume : The king's men killed your family and you wanted to kill the king, but didn't manage to do it."

> You say "So you want my help to kill him. So here's what I propose : I'll help you, ONLY IF you help me. Doesn't that sound good?"

"Yes, but..."
"Good. Now, how do you want to approach this?"
"What? I don't know. What do you mean?"
"What do you want to happen with the king? Kill him, or exile him?"
"Kill him."
"For good measure?"
"Yes. Yes!"
"Perfect. That's the way I like to play."
"Play what?"
"The game we're going to play. You'll see."
"Can't you just tell me?"

> You say "Nah, later. So, about what you supposed to do for me... You know, the ingredient I need?"
"Yeah, sure. What did you have in mind?"
"I need an eye of a drunkard."
"Drunkard? But..."
"I need it fresh."
"Of a drunkard?"
"Yes. Fresh, you understand."
"Oh, yeah. Yeah, I got you."

> You say : "Great. Now that we agree..." and use your magic wand to turn back Rick into a human.
Rick stands, starring at you with disgust. "You're a sick piece of work," he says, before storming out of the room. You wait a minute, letting him cool off... But he doesn't come back.
You sit down on a chair and sigh, wondering how the hell you're going to go about this.

> You think that if he doesn't come back, that will be okay. After all, you're not obligated to kill the king for him.
You stand up, and look around the room. There are broken and half-crushed bottles everywhere. You walk over to one of them, fishing out a liquor bottle with a few good swallows left in it.

> You take the bottle and read the tag.
"Witch's Brew. Makes your heart explode."
A pretty self-explanatory tag, you have to admit. You then wiggle the bottle in your hands, staring at the liquid inside it.

> You put it in your pocket.
Rick doesn't come back, and the bottle is a reminder that he'll be needing this. So you pocket it, and continue searching for more bottles.
You find some more, filling up your pockets and your backpack.

> You call Lizi, your pet alligator, for her to come with you, and you leave your house, entering the swamp.
Lizi is hungry, and you have a few chicken legs in your backpack that you could feed her.
It's not like Rick would care. You don't have to pay him.

> You give the chicken legs to Lizi.
She eats them eagerly, satisfied and blissfully happy. She looks at you as if to ask "More?"
You pat her head gently, smiling at her as she eats.

> You give her more chicken legs. "Okay, now you had enough!" you say. You add : "I'm wondering where Rick went."
Lizi looks to her right, and then her left, before looking at you with a pitiful expression, like she's asking for help.
You sigh, scratching your head.

> You pat gently Lizi's head. "Something's wrong, baby?" you ask.
She keeps looking at your direction for a few more seconds, and then suddenly charges back to the right.
You stop her by gently grabbing her neck. "Hey! Where do you think you're going, little one?"

> You say "Is there something bothering you? Show me!"
Lizi looks at you, her head twisting in a strange way. She tries to open her mouth, but can't due to your grip on her neck. She angrily begins to struggle.

> You let her go. "Oh, sorry!" you say.
She head-butts you, and you fall back, rolling on the soft ground. She opens her mouth again, and you put your hand over it. "Okay, okay, I get it."
She stops struggling, and you let her go. She happily nuzzles your hand, and you pull it away quickly.
You get up, rubbing your back. "Shit, that hurt."
Lizi looks around nervously.

> You wondering what she's afraid at. You look around you too.
The silence is overwhelming. There's no birds, no beasts, no anything. Even the wind has stopped.
You wonder if you're still hearing things when you hear a faint noise.

> You turn toward the noise.
You hold your breath, listening closely. It's very far away, but it sounds like... Crows?
You walk toward the noise, trying to figure out where it's coming from. As you walk, the noise gets louder.
You get to a clearing, and see a massive congregation of crows. They're not ordinary crows. They're the Albino variety, with pale black feathers. They're not flying around aimlessly, either. They're doing sort of... Dancing?
As you watch, dumbfounded, they stop dancing and begin to flock away. In a matter of seconds, the clearing is completely empty.
You walk around for a while, but there's no other crows. You don't see any more, at least.

> You look around, trying to find something that made the crows gather here.
You start looking around, crouching and squinting. You're in a clearing, surrounded by trees. On your left is a large oak, on your right is a solitary willow.

> You go toward the oak.
As you walk, the crows keep flocking behind you. It's like they're following you, but not exactly.

> You stop in front of the oak. You turn around to look at the crows, wondering what they are doing.
The crows have stopped following you. You look around, wondering why they haven't returned to the branches.
You hold your breath, listening. The only noise you hear is your own breathing.

> You pat the oak.
You pat the oak tree. "Hello?" you say.
The crows are flitting around the tree. It's like they can't take their eyes off you.

> You ask Lizi to bite a root of the oak.
Lizi slowly makes her way toward the base of the oak tree.
She digs her claws into the dirt, and you feel a slight vibration.
Good, she's got a good grip. Take a step back.
With your arms outstretched, you watch as the Albino Alligator snaps her jaws around the base of the tree.

> You look at her.
"She's a beauty, isn't she?" You say. "Is she hungry?"
The Albino Alligator looks at you, and you see recognition in her eyes.

> You show her the crows. "If you're hungry, you can eat those!" you say to her.
The Albino Alligator looks at the crows, as if thinking.
She shakes her head slowly.
You smile. "... Good girl."

> You look at the hole Lizi digged.

Lizi has dug a hole. It's a good thing that she didn't dig deeper into the ground.

> You look at the hole, trying to see if something is different from the ordinary.
You look at the pit she dug. It's a little bigger than your head, which is about the size of a softball.
There are no snakes in the pit, nor are there any treasures.

> You put your hand in the hole.
Your hand touches something slimy and squishy. It's not the kind of feeling you want your hand to have. You pull your hand back out, and cough.
There's nothing there.

> You try to get the slimy and squishy thing out.
You take a plastic bag and slide it over your hand. You slowly dig the object out, and look inside the bag.
It's a shoe, covered in slime and mud.

> You inspect the shoe.
Yellow leather upper, toe slightly torn off, sole coming off.
The shoe's sole is squishy. You peel it off, and find something inside it. It's a small, silver keycard.
This is so cool! You've never seen one of these before. They're the keys to secret rooms in some hotels, and nobody else has!
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You are Didi, a witch living on the edge of the medieval kingdom of Larion. You have a wand and a pet alligator named Lizi. As you sit in your swamp hut mixing a magical potion, you hear a knock at the door. You open it and see a little girl. She seems a bit on the plump side, but you can see she's very pretty.
"Hi," she says.
"Hello," you answer.

> You say "Who are you? You're very pretty!"
"Thank you," the girl responds. "I'm just here to talk to you about your future happiness."

> You say "Are you a fortune teller?"
"I was, but I found out I wasn't very good at it, so my brother said if I don't improve my skill he'll hurt me."
"How do you improve your skill?"

> You say "Now that's a bad, very bad brother! If he ever hurt you tell me, and I'll turn him into a very bad looking frog!"
"Thanks for the promise. Come on in, it's getting kinda cold out here."

> You invite the girl to go inside. "I'm Didi by the way! What's your name?" you ask.
The two of you chat for a bit, but it seems like she's here for a specific reason.

> You say "So, you want to read my future?"
"How did you know that I could do that?"
"Oh, lots of people can't see their futures, but I guess you're special because you've seen so many."

> You say "I know I did some random weird stuff the other day, implying a malefic poodle and such, but I didn't know I was THIS special!"
"You're not being sarcastic are you?"
"What? No, why would I be?"
"Because you're a witch and I think most witches are smart enough to not believe in fairy tales."

> You say "Oh come on! Fairy tales exist, you just never saw any of them! Also, a lot of different worlds also exists, outside of our own!"
Cecilia pouts a bit.

> You say "And I'm actually working on a potion to help me teleport into one of these worlds! "
"You can really do that?"

> You say "Of course I can! I'm a witch, I can do anything! When I'll finish the potion, would you like to try it with me?"
"I don't know if I'm allowed..."
"Of course you are! If not, I'll make an appointment for us to go see Dr. Eggplant."
Cecilia laughs at this last bit.

> You say "That would be good for you to spend some time away from your very mean brother!"
"Okay then, when can we go?"
"Are you sure you want to go into one of these other worlds?"
"Yes. I want to see what's out there."

> You say "For now, I still need an ingredient. A hair of a fierce and wild bearboarwolf!"
"I'll go get it."
You and Cecilia begin to converse about which other worlds you should visit, but you eventually decide to save that conversation for after you have the potion.

> You say "Oh! I didn't introduce you to Lizi! She's my pet alligator!"
Lisi comes out from behind a nearby chair and begins to swim around in the murky water, seemingly content on just resting.
"What's it like living here?" asks Cecilia.

> You say "That's great! They are not noisy neighbours so I'm happy! Only crows and frogs singing!"
Cecilia says nothing, but soon begins to nod her head slowly.
"I do the same, it's nice. Quiet."
"Cecilia, I think we should go..."

> You say "Let's find the hair of the bearboarwolf!"
You and Cecilia run out of the house. You find a wolf, but as you both approach it, it turns and howls at you.
"Oh great," you think to yourself.

> You say "His mister wolf! I'm sorry to disturb you, but where can we find the great bearboarwolf?"
The great bearwolf takes a moment to answer you.
"The great bearwolf has not seen the great bearwolf's mister in days! He's probably dead by now!"

> You say "What? But we need one of his hair for a potion!"
"I'm sorry, but the great bearwolf doesn't have the great bearwolf's hair!"

> You say "Mmmh... Maybe we could take a hair from you, mister wolf? Instead of taking a hair from the bearboarwolf, let's take three hair from a wolf, a bear and a boar."
"I'm sorry, but I don't think we can do that."
"Why not? You are a wolf, and only a few hair different from a wolf."

> You approach the wolf.
You walk towards the wolf, reaching out your hand for it to sniff.

> You take quickly one hair from his head.
The wolf howls, and begins to run away.
"Wait! Please!"
"Sorry, but we're trying to save the human race here!"

> You scratch your head, and put the hair in your purse. "Okay Cecilia, let's find a boar or a bear next! Or a bearboar if there is any!" you say.
You continue your walk, running into some ruins along the way. You decide to have a look at them.
You were correct. The ruins are incredibly old, from a civilization that has long vanished.

> You say "Hellooooo? Is anyone in here??"
You get no response, but you do hear some clinking noises from further in the ruins.
You decide to head over there to have a look, as it would be a shame to miss such an ancient ruin.

> You walk toward the noise, followed by Cecilia.
You and Cecilia walk through the ruins, as you come across an odd little statue on some steps. It looks like a frog... With a human's face drawn on it.
"What an ugly little statue." You say out loud.
"I think it's a nice statue." Replies Cecilia. "It's got soul."

> You touch the statue.
As your hand touches the statue, it begins to give off a faint blue glow. This is clearly visible even from the inside of the ruin.
"This is odd." You think.

> You touch the statue again.
The statue begins to move by itself, and a faint voice is heard.
"Find the broken king, and I'll let you live."

> You say "Nonsense! I'm the only one deciding if I should still live or not!"
There is silence for a moment.
"Then why are you here?"

> You say "I seeking for a hair of a bear and a boar! Or of a bearboar! Did you see any?"
"Yes, but you can't have them."
"Why not?"
"Because you can't have anything with two different pairs! It doesn't work!"
"I want it anyway!"

> You say "I want to visit other worlds with my friend Cecilia, and I NEED them!"
"Fine. But you have to give me something in exchange."
"What did you want?"
"I want your shadow. Legally, I OWN it."

> You say "Really? Where is the contract where it's written?"
The frog statue disappears, and you and Cecilia hear a loud laugh.
"Yeah, yeah, it's written in your mind, dumb-dumb!"
You shake your head, baffled.

> You say "If it's not written on paper, I won't trust it! Show me the paper first!"
The laugh is heard again.
"You can read my mind, dumb-dumb!" Says the statue.
"Ah, so you are a magic frog!"

> You read the mind of the statue to see if the paper is real or not.
You look at the paper, and your eyes light up.
"It's fake. You tricked us, frog." You say. "We can't trust anything you say."

> You say "Come on Cecilia, let's leave and find a boar and a bear in the forest!"
"Wait! You have to take my shadow!" Says the frog.
"Shadow?" You ask out loud. "What's a shadow?"
Cecilia shrugs.
"Never mind, let's go Cecilia!" You say.
You walk a few more steps away, before you hear the voice once again.
"I'm not a magic frog." Says the statue.

> You say "What are you then?"
"A repulsive blob of rotting flesh." Replies the statue.
"You seem pretty intelligent to me."

> You say "This is why you showed yourself as a statue? You didn't want us to see your true form and then run away?"
"Yep! It's an amazing trick. You can learn it yourself if you try hard enough."
"Ah, I see. So you really are intelligent."

> You say "You know what? Come with us! Let's be friend!"
"I can't. I have to stay here. They'll eat you if you aren't careful."
"Everyone. This island, the people in it."
The voice is getting annoying.

> You say "They won't eat me, they won't eat you, they won't eat anybody! If they try to hurt you, I swear I turn then into fly and let frogs eat them!!"
"That's not how it works, you dum-dum."
You sigh. This frog is much smarter than its talking suggests. You almost feel insulted.

> You say "Come on, take your real form, I swear I won't run away!"
"Fine!" Says the frog as it turns back into a statue.

> You say "No, the one you said, the blob of rotten flesh."
"That's me."
You raise an eyebrow.
"I know!" The frog says in a rush.

> You say "You can just be the blob you know, I won't run away!"
"If you say so." You hear the statue mumble as you approach it.
You look at it in confusion.

> You say "Come on! Let's make that potion and let's visit other worlds together!"
"I can't, I'm dead!"
"I'm dead! I died five years ago!"
You feel a mixture of sadness and anger well up inside you.

> You say "Well, you can move, so you can come with us!"
"Really? You'll take me with you?"
"Sure, you're dead, aren't you? You must want to go with your family, don't you?"
"My family is gone."

> You say "Oh... Well, we're going to be your new family!"
The frog boy seems to think about this for a few seconds before nodding his head slowly.
"If you say so... I am dead after all."
You smile and squat down beside the frog.
You, Cecilia and the magic blob of rotting flesh go then on the forest, and find a bear. After a few hours of running, hiding and solving simple problems, you come across a cave.
"Do bears live in caves?" You ask.
"Mostly," Says the frog, "but it's dark in here, and I have terrible eyesight so we're stopping here."
"Okay," You reply, you sit down on the ground beside him.

> You use your magic wand and use it as a torch. "Tadaa! Now we can see inside!" you say.
You proceed to point your wand at the cave, and a pale blue illumination spreads out over the cave. It's not as good as sunlight, but it's better than the torch.

> You enter the cave.
You walk into the cave, after the frog.
"It's not as good as it was, but it's still good enough," the frog tells you, and proceeds to crawl after you.
You crawl through the cave, whilst the frog stays behind and lays on the ground, using its tongue to mark off the route you've gone.

> You say "Hellooooo mister bear? Or miss bear! Are you in there?"
"I am not a bear and I am not miss bear!" Comes a groaning voice from the cave. "I am the wizard put in prison, and I require sustenance if you please."

> You approach the prison. "What are you doing in there?"
You walk over to the prison, where a figure is visible, lying in a cell.
"Hey there," you say nervously.
"Ah, a hamster asking for fruit. I thought it was a mouse."

> You say "No, I'm Didi the witch! And there are my friends, Cecilia the fortune teller and hum... a blob of rotting flesh!"
"Ah, and a familiar one at that. I am familiar with a similar creature, an albino rat called Nicobob."

> You turn toward the blob and ask him : "You know this man?"
"This man is a wizard who put me in prison!" the frogboy shouts. "He's a bad wizard!"
"Yeah, but why did you put him in prison?"
"To teach him a lesson."

> You say "Well, if he's bad then he will stay in here! Let's leave!"
"Wait!" the wizard shouts from his cell, "I only put him in here to teach him a lesson, I can easily release him!"
"Let's just leave then!"

> You say "He's free now, and he's going on an adventure with us!"
"Ah, I see," the wizard says, "Well then I trust you'll let him out. I certainly hope you aren't using me to free your other friends who are probably still out there somewhere."
You, Cecilia and the blob of rotten flesh leave the cave. After a while, you find a bear and a boar, and now you have all the hair! You three return in your hut in the swamp.
"Well," the frog says, "That was a fun adventure, but now I'm done."
"Done? But it's not even dark yet!" you complain.

> You say "We didn't even try the potion!"
"I've had my fun, and so have you. Now it's time for you to have your fun." The frog sticks out it's tongue at you.
"But the potion...!" You exclaim.

> You say "I'm going to use the potion and that will make us travel in another world!"
You put the potion in your mouth and down it.
"Well then," The frog smiles, "Good luck!"
You fall asleep...
You awake in a strange room.
It's very dark in here. You light your magic wand and look at the bottle of the potion. On the paper, it says "final fantasy world". You have succeeded! Now you can leave this boring swamp and go to the world of Final Fantasy.
You look around the room and, after a minute of looking, find a mithril sword on the floor.

> You take it.
You pick up the sword and leave the room.
As you come into another hall, a voice startles you.
"Ah there you are." You turn around to see a ghost of a man, "I was waiting for you."

> You say "Who are you?"
"I am the ghost of the quest that was assigned to give you this quest."
"What do you mean by assigned?"
"I was asked to give this quest, whenever a new person comes into this village."
"So you're not really helping me?"
"No. I'm merely following an old tradition."

> You wonder if Cecilia and the blob are here too. You ask the ghost if he was them.
"No, I'm sorry but I only came here once, and then the person who came here before you."
"Oh." You say, disappointed.
"So where do you think you're going?"

> You say "I'm going to search for Cecilia and the blob!"
The ghost looks at you strangely.
"Who's Cecilia?" He asks.
"A friend of mine who came before me in this quest."
He shakes his head and sighs, "Look kid, I gave you the basic information, and I'm done. If you want more help, you'll have to search for it yourself."
"But how will I know what to do?"

> You sigh and go away. You suddenly step on something, and see it's the blob of rotten flesh. "Oh, sorry..." you say to him.
"Bah! not your fault...(cough) I tripped over a rock and sprained my ankle." He says.
You frown,
because he has no ankle. "How did you come in here too? I'm the only one who drank the potion. Is Cecilia here too?" you ask.
"She is indeed." The blob says. "She's over by the fire."
The ghost of the quest turns to you, looks at your nose, and yelps.
"My word! Someone cut your nose off!"
You touch where your nose was and find nothing there. "I suppose it's gone now."

> You use your magic wand to grow your nose back. "Now it's back!' you say.
"Good. Glad to see you haven't lost your touch." He nods, satisfied.

> You call Cecilia.
"Cecilia!" you yell. "I found the quest giver!"
You hear sniffling. Then, Cecilia comes walking towards you. Her face is bloody, and she's holding a dagger.

> You say "What happened to you? Are you hurt?!"
"I'm fine." She wipes her nose. "But the worst happened. I saw a man murdered before my eyes, and I had to stab the one who did it...."
"What? Tell me!"
"The man you seek is called Peter Varsakken. He lives in a castle made of bone, high in the Mountains of Mooka Roo."

> You say "So the quest is to find him, then what?"
"Well, you have to go in there and kill him."
"But I thought the quest instructions said I had to find the person who murdered someone...and bring this person back to justice."

> You say "Also, aren't we in a Final Fantasy world? Were are the chocobo, the moogles?"
"I think there's a translation error. There's no Chocobo Forest or Moogle Village here, but the people are actaully more interesting then you'd think."
"How so?"

> You say "Or a Sephiroth I don't know. I wonder if he overcomes his fear of poodles."
"As for you, I think you'll fit in quite well."
"Are you joking?"
"No, you're the one who came from a role-play game, didn't you play any before this?"

> You say "I played a lot! This is why I'm surprised!"
"I'm not."
"Then why did you ask me that?"
"I'm serious, I want you to guard the gate when me and Cecilia aren't around, can you do that?"

> You say "No! Where going to do the quest all together!"
"Then you're either brave or stupid, either way I don't think we should trust you with important things. I'll have to think about it."

> You say "Come on blob of rotten flesh, stop beeing sassy!"
"I'm not being sassy!" He protests.
"Yes you are!"
"If I am, then why won't you listen to me?"
"Because you don't know how to talk!"

> You say "Now we're stuck here us three! And we must cooperate to leave this place!"
"Great, now what?"
You ponder briefly on the situation.
"We could..."
"Will you idiots shut up!" Cecilia snaps.

> You say "But..."
"I don't want to hear your opinion, because you're all retarded!"
"Okay then."
Cecilia is upset. You have no idea why.

> You say "That's very mean of you saying that kind of words!"
"I didn't say it was mean, I said it was retarded. You are retarded."

> You say "You know what? That's good, stay here forever, we don't care! Me and mister blob are going to do the quest and leave, and if you stay mean like that, then you stay here and die here!"
"You don't understand! I really like it here!"
"So? You can still like it here after we leave!"
"Can I?"
Cecilia is starting to cry now.

> You sigh.
"Cecilia, I don't know what to tell you, but we're going to leave, okay?"
"I understand."
"Well, let's go."
You walk up to the large castle. You put your hands on your hips and think for a moment.
"The guards won't let me in if I haven't been invited." You say.

> You turn toward the blob. "Do you have an idea how to enter?"
"I can eat the bell!" He says, trotting toward the bell tower.

> You look at him.
He walks up to the bell tower, which is pretty easy to spot even from here. He starts to eat the bell.
After a few minutes, the door squeaks open. A single pale man with a goatee appears.
"Oh, that's not what I eat." He says.
"Then what?" You say.
"I eat...people." The man says, licking his lips. "Come on, let's go inside."

> You look at the blob and the blob look at you, and you shrug.
You and the blob walk into the door. The man stares at you, before looking at the blob.
"Don't worry, it's friendly." You say.
"Shouldn't we knock or something?" The blob asks.
"Why would we do that?" The man says.
He slowly walks toward you, almost hypnotically. You take a step back, and the blob does the same.

> You say "Who are you?"
"My name is Ral. And you are?"
"I'm not telling you my name." You say.
"Oh, that's very trusting of you."

> You say "And what are you?"
"I'm a vampire."

> You say "OH COME ON, AGAIN?!"
"Unlike the strumpet downstairs, I'm a real vampire, not some fop playing pretend."
"Playing pretend is better than being fake, and that's what you are!" You snap.

> You say "We're here to kill... hum... Who did we need to kill again?"
"A Count, actually."
"Oh. Okay then."
Cecilia and the blob have entered the door. It is much smaller than the one you came in, and only has one room.

> You say "Ah Cecilia, you finally decided to come?"
Cecilia strolls into the room, followed by the blob. She glares at you.
"Hello Ral. And you are?" She says.
"A vampire."

> You say "The last time I saw a vampire, a minotaur killed him, then I turned him into a woman, and her and the minotaur had a lot of baby hybrids!"
Cecilia raises an eyebrow.
"Is that so?" She says. "Well then I guess you are."
"What do you mean?" You ask.

> You say "I'm what?"
"Your actions in that scenario created me." She says.
"Bullc... wait, really?"
"Yes, and I am not the only one."

> You say "So you mean that I created you too?"
"Yes. You and Count Grey."
You look at the blob, who's now sitting down. He looks sad. You sit down by him, and he looks up at you.

> You say "Well that doesn't change the fact that you are my friends!"
Cecilia throws her head back and laughs.
"Oh my dear boy." She says, calming down. "I suppose it isn't that bad, but you're still being naive."
"Why is that?"

> You say "We just need to kill I still don't remember who!"
"Well it was a silly mistake to make a vampire with such an array of powers. We should have just killed Count Grey the moment he came on to the scene."
"Wait, why?"

> You say "You know what, if I say that I can teleport us in front of count grey, would you trust me?"
"Then follow me."
You stand up and hold your hands out in front of you. You begin to concentrate, and nothing happens. Then, you suddenly disappear from your spot.
You, Cecilia and the blob of rotten flesh appear in front of Count Grey.
"Well, there you are." Count Grey says, not looking surprised in the slightest. "I was waiting for you."
"Really?" You ask.

> You say "You're not evend suprised to see a blob of rotten flesh?"
"No, because I already saw you three coming long before you showed up here."
"I could see you three coming a mile away. I've been waiting for you."

> You say "Well so you know we have a quest to kill you?"
"Yes, I already know."
You look at Count Grey, who seems pretty calm about everything. You look back at Cecilia and the blob.

> You say "Let's do it then!"
"Yes, let's." The blob says, standing up.
"Blob, wait!" You call, but it's too late. The blob has already lunged at Count Grey, trying to bite him.

> You amazed to see that a blob of rotten flesh can bite people.
Count Grey grabs the blob, and squeezes it, killing it.
"And now, it's gone." He says.
"Well, wasn't that interesting." You shrug.

> You say "You know that he is already dead? You can't kill it again."
"Oh, of course. Apologies."
"Hm, there's a lot you don't know about me, but one thing I know for sure, is that I'm not a killer."

> You poke the blob. "Are you alright?" you ask.
"Yes, I'm still here." The blob says, poking you back.
Count Grey stands up.
"If that's all, I have things to do now."

> You say "No! You stay here!!"
"Really? Alright then."
Count Grey sits down.
"So, what are you going to do with your life?"
You stand up and pace around the room.

> You say "I'm going to turn you into a chocobo!"
"Oh? That's pretty cool." Count Grey says.
"Yeah, but I have to ride one first, and then you have to process me, and there's a chain of command thing..."

> You say "Actually, no, that's too complicated."
"Alright then, what are you going to do?"
"I... Don't know yet."
"Ah, well I suppose that's fine then."
You sit down and talk to the Count for a bit.

> You decide it's time, and use your magic wand to turn the Count into a chocobo.
You stand up and point your magic wand at Count Grey.
"Now, you will become a chocobo." You say.
"Wait, what?" Count Grey asks fearfully.
"I'm going to turn you into a chocobo."
Count Grey looks at you, terrified.
"You don't have the magic skill to do that."
"I'm a wizard."

> You turn Count Grey into a chocobo.
Count Grey shakes in fear, but resigns himself to fate.
You take the magic wand and point it at Count Grey's forehead.
"Now, transform!" You say.
"No!" he shouts.
Count Grey closes his eyes, and puffs out his cheeks. Purple smoke begins to emanate from his head, obscuring him from your view. You wait for a minute, and when it seems like the smoke will never clear, you take the wand and wave it around in front of you in an attempt to disrupt the smoke.
"Hey!" you shout, annoyed that your spell was interrupted.
Waves of purple fog begin to clear, and you find yourself staring at an ordinary looking man in a tuxedo.

> You say "That's... not a chocobo."
"I assure you, it is." Count Grey says calmly.
You look down at Count Grey, now revealed to be a man in a black tuxedo, sitting calmly on the ground.

> You shrug and try something else: turning the Count into a moogle.
"Stop!" Count Grey says, holding up his hands. "That's enough with the transformations. I'm capable of rational thought now."

> You say "But I want you to be a moogle who says "kupo"..."
"Well, I can't promise that."
You shake your head.
"Alright then, you're a moogle."
"Thanks a lot." Count Grey smirks.
"Well, what do you want to be?"
"A moogle, of course."
"Ah, yes I suppose we can fix that."

> You use your magic wand to turn Count Grey into a moogle.
Count Grey holds his hands up and looks around nervously as the purple haze envelops him.
"I can't see anything!" he says.
The haze clears, and you're met with the sight of a small, green and yellow creature with a big nose.

> You say "Ah! That's better!"
"Now what?" Count Grey complains.
"You're a moogle now."
"I am?"
"Yes. Don't you recognize the species?"
"I don't know anything about any species."
You sigh loudly, frustrated with his ignorance.
"Don't be stupid." You exclaim. "Of course you do. You're a moogle."
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